Winding Systems and Slitting Systems

In 1951, Bob Tidland designed what would become the first air shaft on a cocktail napkin in Camas, Washington. More than 60 years later, we’ve strived to build durable products designed for easy use and engineered for reliable, long-lasting operation. This experience has led to the development of the industry’s most effective winding systems and slitting systems.

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There is no acceptable level of accidents, one is too many. That’s why we think about safety issues with every product we make. Innovations like our new blade guard provide extra protection and...

Tidland is your best resource for replacement blades manufactured to the exact specifications to perform in Tidland Knifeholders.

Replacement blades are available for Shear, Crush and Razor...


From slitter shafts to film slitting blades to maintenance tools, the Tidland line of accessory products will help you to make your slitting system give you peak performance.

When Tidland launched the state-of-the-art and award-winning ESP – Electronic Slitter Positioning System – companies quickly took advantage of the value of automated slitter positioning to both...


The PressureMax system reduces operating costs by minimizing unplanned downtime and scrap while improving safety during unwind and rewind processes. Internal air bladders of winding shafts and...

卷轴会越来越大,卷取速度越来越快。我们能通过使用气胀轴来配对你的生产应用,来达到最好的满足你保持速度的目的。每一个Tidland 的轴都是根据客户的需要定做的,从定制的轴颈设计(所以它是非常适合你的机器的)来抓取里面的卷芯。从检测好的金属胀键气胀轴,叶片式气胀轴冲选择,用在纤弱的材料或者高扭矩,高转速的气胀轴。你当然也可以让Tidland 设计出满足你特殊应用要求的的人体工程学型号的轴,...



从标准的设计到诸如FORCE 5的轻量人类工程学产品,Tidland 气动卡盘用符合人类工程学原理和可靠方式来支承您的巨大料卷。Raptor 系列无轴卡盘提供最大的夹紧力和无轴应用的机械维护。

Tidland 的 Boschert 安全卡盘是支承料卷和传递扭矩的预设计解决方案。这些经济适用的安全卡盘有法兰式和轴座式等多种规格和选项,广泛应用于轻载荷和标准载荷,亦在重载何种有相当多的应用。


Established in 1961, NimCor pioneered web handling solutions with innovative air shafts, pneumatic core chucks, and bowed rolls. Today, these NimCor products are used throughout the world by...

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NEW Tidland Air System Fittings
Introducing Tidland’s new air system fittings for all internal bladder...

Tidland’s Air Brakes deliver reliable continuous tension control for a wide variety of applications. These single rotor, high output brakes feature a unique convection design for dissipating heat...